Thursday, 9 February 2012

British Bikes in Budapest bedrooms

What every girl needs in her house-the living room motorcycle-a 1958 Velocette Venom 500cc on the third floor. Painted, polished and components carried up the stairs for assembly in place. Just how to get it down now? Since I have another in the garage running very nicely this one can stay for best plus I still need to find a few important parts.

This guy has managed to shoe horn the mighty Vincent 1000 engine into a Norton Featherbed frame thus creating the ultimate combination serious road burner. He is probably lucky to be able to wheel it into his ground floor living room by the look of things too. At least my wife has stopped the comments now, by the look on his face things are a little different at home.

Bright colours for Spring

This first of many Tigra Classic tartans are delivered for Spring sales at the El Ganso shops and worldwide distributors. I shall keep you posted on further colour combinations