Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Jeremy Stanford for El Ganso in Hyde Park London

So it is an early start tomorrow to drive to the Ukraine to visit a new factory handling seemingly interesting shoes. What is interesting though is that so as to legally take my own car over the border from Hungary I shall need a lawyer's signed authorisation to show the border guards and a body bag!

Better have a rummage in the garage as I am sure I have one somewhere.

Will keep you posted on what may not be such a smooth trip. They had better have interesting shoes is all I can say. Jeremy

Thursday, 24 May 2012

College Shoe in brown velvet

Still wearing my Velvet College shoe from two or three years ago. Many newer designs have come through and into the shops and my wardrobe but I still like these.

Denim Tigra for El Ganso

This new model Denim Tigra is now available at the new El Ganso shop in Carnaby Street, London